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The Flexible Schedule is a newsletter about productivity and lifestyle in the new world of remote working, freelancing, and flexible working.

The Flexible Schedule is a newsletter about productivity and lifestyle in the new world of remote working, freelancing, and flexible working.

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Do you love Airbnb or hotels?

Exactly 3 years ago, a little before the pandemic, I decided I will not use Airbnb anymore. Mainly for the inconsistent experience.


Schedule your perfect day with my new ebook

You used to have a clear daily structure to follow, either in school or later when joining an office. It starts at 9, and ends at 5, with a break in between.


Building a perfect daily structure

Having a flexible schedule means you should take care of planning everything yourself. This doesn’t include work only, but also personal and social life.


Achieve work/life balance when working remotely

Last time, we talked about why planning your day is the most useful thing you can do to enjoy working remotely. But we ended up the email with some open questions: What exactly should you plan? And what decisions should you take?


Remote working’s biggest challenge

When you work from an office, most of the decisions are taken for you. You need to work from 9 to 5, take a 1h lunch break, after-work socializing, free time is on weekends, etc. You feel that your life is on autopilot. It feels “easy”.


When was the last time you took time off?

A few days ago, I was talking to a friend and they mentioned they are taking 2 days to recharge. Nothing was planned, no travel, no activity, just to recharge a bit.


The first Moroccan Remote Workers Community



The Joy of missing out on basically everything

We, as humans, have a fear of missing out. That's why we keep checking our phones, our social media accounts, and pulling for new stuff. This is called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).


It's not a joke, you need to move!

If you are a knowledge worker, chances are you are spending too much time in front of your computer. That keeps things moving quickly for sure, but there is a catch!


I visited and rated coworking spaces in Casablanca

When it comes to working environments, sometimes you want a space when you can focus and ship things. Other times, you miss the social life and you want a space where you can hang out with the local community.In both cases, a coworking space is a good option.…


The problem with hybrid work

Hybrid work is making the news these days thanks to COVID and lockdown. Some are calling it the future of work, and others started working on software to make it possible at scale. But is it really the future?


We plan everything, but we forget our playtime

I think productivity and personal finance have a lot in common. They both depend on long-term thinking, personal commitment, and extreme focus. That's why I want to borrow a personal finance "strategy" to help me explain my message here: the "Pay yourself fir…


5 common reasons why your new productivity plan is not working

I've tried to come up with a productivity plan for multiple years, and I've done multiple mistakes, especially the ones I'm sharing with you today.


Maintaining your to-do lists for a productive life

Let me tell you a story that you may relate to it (I'm sure you will).


How many tasks to plan for your work day?

Whenever I take on a task, I try to give it all my attention/focus. This includes blocking any interruptions, making sure I'm not thinking about my to-do list or other items I have for the day, etc.


Balancing chores and errands with your daily remote job

Of course, having flexible hours means you can work whenever you want, but that's not always a good idea. For me, even if I work remotely, most of my friends don't, so I need to stick to normal hours if I want to enjoy some time off with them and keep my soci…


What's best for you, a calendar or a to-do list?

I've been both an individual contributor and a manager/lead, and the way I used productivity tools drastically changed when I switched.


Why you should have a fixed schedule, even if you have a flexible one

Before giving you my answer, let me tell you how I started my first months working remotely, 4 years ago.


Nice to meet you!

I believe the future of work is changing, rapidly. Companies used to hire full-time employees, gather them in an office, and fight over the same pool of talents with other companies. Now, it's more about freelancing, consulting, and remote working. Companies …