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Building a perfect daily structure

Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule
Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule
Having a flexible schedule means you should take care of planning everything yourself. This doesn’t include work only, but also personal and social life.
When faced with such a big challenge, the natural solution that comes to us is trying to emulate what others are doing. Trying to emulate other creatives, reading multiple books, and watching countless YouTube videos.
But every time you’ve tried a plan, it didn’t stick! It works fine for a few days/weeks, and after that, you’re back to where you started.
“But that plan works for so many people, why doesn’t it work for me? Something must be wrong, right?”
Yes, there is something wrong. These plans were not built for you! They are built to suit the creator’s life, not yours.
If you want a plan that sticks, it should be built for you! But building a whole plan yourself is kinda hard.
Where to start? What to plan? In which order? Too many decisions!
But having a personal plan would be amazing! A plan designed for YOU and YOUR life. A plan that makes you enjoy your personal/work time. A plan that makes you enjoy your social life too!
All this is completely possible, with my new ebook.
My new ebook “Remote Workday Design” is a step-by-step plan to structure your remote life! Achieve your work/life balance, keep a vibrant social life and enjoy the flexibility of remote working.
My ebook will be launching on the 3rd of August, at 10 AM UTC. Keep an eye on your inbox as you’ll receive a discount coupon.
See you on the 3rd of August!
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Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule
Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule @elazzabi_

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