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Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule
Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule
The future of work is changing, and so does our habits. I want to share with you why I’m launching this newsletter and what to expect from it.

I believe the future of work is changing, rapidly. Companies used to hire full-time employees, gather them in an office, and fight over the same pool of talents with other companies. Now, it’s more about freelancing, consulting, and remote working. Companies have access to more talent now and can use technology in their favor.
All of these new ways of working have something in common: Flexibility. The future of work is about flexibility. And the name of this newsletter is inspired by this new shift: The Flexible Schedule.
Companies will adapt their workflows to this new shift, timezones will stop being a major problem as the majority will be done asynchronously, and technical tools will shrink the gap between remote working and offices.
But with great power such as flexibility, comes great responsibility. Now, individuals will be responsible for defining their own schedule, managing their work, and staying productive.
After your skills, productivity will become your major differentiator. How you manage your working and personal time will be your biggest asset. Your output will be completely decoupled from your input. And it’s up to you to stop whenever you want.
I’ve been working remotely for 4 years, I’ve tried multiple things to manage my productivity. Some did work, but the majority didn’t. And this is why I’m launching this newsletter, I want to help you pick good habits to push your productivity further in a world of flexible schedules.
Thank you for being part of this journey.
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Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule
Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule @elazzabi_

The Flexible Schedule is a newsletter about productivity and lifestyle in the new world of remote working, freelancing, and flexible working.

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