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Remote working’s biggest challenge

Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule
Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule
Remote working isn’t an easy solution to a complicated problem. Everything comes with a challenge.

When you work from an office, most of the decisions are taken for you. You need to work from 9 to 5, take a 1h lunch break, after-work socializing, free time is on weekends, etc. You feel that your life is on autopilot. It feels “easy”.
While this frees the mind from making so many decisions, it’s also very limiting. It’s centered around work and pushing everything else to fill the remaining chunks of time.
But in the end, we don’t live to work! Sadly, working from an office is like hitting pause on your whole life and giving all the importance to your work. This leaves no time to cultivate relations, live experiences, travel, etc.
But beware, working remotely will not fix this magically either.
When working remotely, you should make all the decisions. Your working time, social time, free time, etc. It’s nowhere near autopilot, but it’s definitely worth it!
But “making all the decisions” sounds a little overwhelming. How can I plan everything? What should I plan in the first place?
No worries, next time, I’ll share with you the areas you need to plan to make the best out of remote working.
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Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule
Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule @elazzabi_

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