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The Joy of missing out on basically everything



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Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule
Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule
It’s been a while since I don’t follow the news, the drama, and everything in between. And it’s been going great!

We, as humans, have a fear of missing out. That’s why we keep checking our phones, our social media accounts, and pulling for new stuff. This is called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).
But there is the opposite of this, JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out). It’s knowing that you can’t be on the top of everything, and enjoying it. It’s knowing deep down that useful information will find a way to reach you, even if you ignore news sources.
Yesterday I published a piece about this. It’s about being part of too many Slack channels, and how I think that quitting 90% of them is the best path forward (seriously).
Part of too many Slack channels? Here's what you can do about it -
While I talk specifically about work news, I’ve been implementing this on a personal level for years. I just avoid all news sites and all social networks with the exception of Twitter (Keeping it as it is more tech-focused than others). When something is really important, and I should know about it, a friend will tell me.
As an extra bonus, when someone tells you about something, they tend to only tell you the parts you need to know. They skip non-useful details, and probably save you hours of research.
Cultivating the joy of missing out is probably one of the best things I did in my life. It’s liberating.
What about you? Tell me about your story about FOMO or JOMO. I’m interested in both :)
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Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule
Ahmed from The Flexible Schedule @elazzabi_

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